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    Hi and welcome to! This site was created in 2011 and has focused mainly on Ragdoll Games ever since. Ragdoll games are famous for using the amazing character movements of ragdolls. This technique has been used for many decades in the gaming world but mainly to showcase a body's movements after being shot or killed. The human body then would be sharing many of the same characteristics as the Ragdoll avatar would have. The reason for the name Ragdoll came up due to the similarity of the movements that a ragdoll would carry. Bone less with no type of muscular strength, if left uncontrolled by you as the player it would most likely fall down flat using the incredible physics of a ragdoll. This is not the easiest type of programming and can explain the reason why there are still so few ragdoll games in the online gaming world. Come on developers, we are waiting for the big explode of these kinds of games, right! There are also a bunch of games available for the online audience from which have decided not to include. These are the games where the aim of the game is to torture a ragdoll in any way possible which is being rewarded using a score scheme. If these were the types of games you were looking for. We’re sorry, you just have to keep on looking. This site will only showcase the games where the physics of the ragdoll is being used to create something brilliant. One of our absolute favourites are for example Ragdoll Achievement or Ragdoll Double Dodge where you have to be really good at multitasking or could of course also work as a teamwork type of game. Anyway this game is about saving your doll from all the dangerous obstacles that are falling from the sky on two screens at the same time. One doll is controlled using WASD keys and the other one using the mouse. The longer you keep your ragdoll from getting hurt from the missiles the better your score will be. Every movement controlled by you, will effect the ragdoll movement just like you would expect it to move according to games physics. So, We will stop explaining on how this site is developed and let you carry on exploring it by your own. Don’t hesitate spreading the word using social media and let all your friends take part as well in order to compete for the very best high score lists together.
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